Tokko: Episode 10

July 18, 2006

Tokko 10 starts with the house of “smiling old evil dude with demonteeth” were we see that guy sitting there being very evil while he is playing with the Tarot-cards. very black metal/gothic of him Then he decides to stick a knife in one of them and do the evil smile yeah, they’re making it very clear that he is evil After this we go to Ranmaru who is standing on top of the metropolitan building when suddenly Rokujou appears and they have tender moment kiss her already you fool remembering the times when they were kids in Machida and just when they are going to go for it Kureha appears. damn her, her boobs are ugly too btw

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Tokko: Episode 9

July 11, 2006

Ah, we are being treated with a new episode of Tokko. I have been critical of Tokko but these last three episodes Tokko’s been on fire.

Tokko 9 opens with a phantom rushing to attack a couple of lovers when suddenly a sword stabs him in the back of the head. The lovers get drenched in the phantom’s blood, very romantic, and we see that the attacker of the phantom actually is Ranmaru. He’s finally getting some decent action against the phantoms. And soon with Rokujou I hope. Suddenly Ranmaru’s leg gets caught by a phantom and just when his end is near Rokujou comes to the rescue. People, I think I’m in love … After they slay the phantom with some nice double-teaming and collect a piece we get a tender moment between them both. Common, get it on you two, the suspense is killing me.

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