NHK ni Youkoso!: Episode 2

July 23, 2006

We are back in the park where we ended last epsiode, Misaki gives Satou this guy needs to get layed his contract for helping him escape his Hikikomori-ways but he quickly denies that he is a Hikikomori and starts walking away.This guy is really a bad liar, you know. She tells him this might be his last chance and asks him to come back to the park tomorrow at the same time with the contract.

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First Impression: NHK Ni Youkoso!

July 16, 2006

Satou Tatsuhiro finds himself in the middle of a huge conspiracy, he is being shot at by people who can’t aim it seems, and the bizarness begins as suddenly it seems he is running through the background of a magical girl anime. A few explosions happen and one sends him flying in a field of snow where a girl with a white umbrella looks at him. Satou then jumps from a cliff to fight some sort of shadowmonster. And then he wakes up…

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