Inukami!: Episode 6

July 21, 2006

Tomohane’s OMG she’s so cute 😀 revenge, mwuhaha! After being defetead, + humiliated way to go Youko, Tomohane is planning revenge. This revenge involves a chocolate cake yummie and we see Tomohane dripping something on the cake while the rest of the Inukami talk about why she isn’t coming downstairs. Tomohane brings the cake to Keita’s home but is surprised that Youko isn’t there …

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Inukami!: Episode 5

July 17, 2006

Nadeshiko Meido’s for the win!!!1!!1!!! and Keita is in tears because of this but before she leaves Nadeshiko has one question for Keita: why didn’t he help Youko last time.
He says that Youko’s note told him not to tell him and that it was a fight between girls and that he shouldn’t interfere. Meanwhile Hake is explaining to the Inukami of Kaoru why Youko chose Keita as owner…

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