Innocent Venus – 02

August 12, 2006

Episode 02 : Dangerous Mind

Operation Complete

“Hey,look at this. Corned Beef ! The expiry date is … ONLY 2 YEARS AGO ! We can still eat it ! ~ Gora

The first episode was very promissing and I was really happy to see that the 2nd episode got subbed so quickly. I’ve had a busy week so I thought I deserved 20 minutes of mecha violence and more trouble between the Logos and the Revenus

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First Impression – Innocent Venus

July 31, 2006

Episode 01 : Hell

“You can’t tell who the real scary people are just by looking at them ” ~ Jin

Innocent Venus is one of the series that I really looked forward to. But I was afraid that the mecha-part would be a turn-off. Innocent Venus is takes place at a post-apocalyptic Japan.

What else do you need to know ? Post-apocalyptic things are a garantee for action,blood,drama,blood and action ^-^. And that’s exactly what you get in Innocent Venus.

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