Welcome !!!

Welcome to 'Snakes Anime Blog'. I'm Re-Snake,I'm from Belgium ( so forgive me if my English is horrible ) and I'll be here to talk about the latest anime series,games and just talking about what happened to me.


One Response to Welcome !!!

  1. Kayla Mina says:

    Hey, I absolutely love this! It’s so kool! Your English, by the way, is not that bad! ^^ I love the anime Ouran High School Host Club. On eof my friends introduced me to it. It is really awesome! Anyway, I’m asking all kinds of anime people if they have seen it and if they have, who is their favorite character from there. So, have you seen it? (if you have…) Who’s your favorite?
    (e.g. my favorite is either the twins or Mori or Kyoya….lot of favorites, cannot choose…><“)

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