Innocent Venus – 02

Episode 02 : Dangerous Mind

Operation Complete

“Hey,look at this. Corned Beef ! The expiry date is … ONLY 2 YEARS AGO ! We can still eat it ! ~ Gora

The first episode was very promissing and I was really happy to see that the 2nd episode got subbed so quickly. I’ve had a busy week so I thought I deserved 20 minutes of mecha violence and more trouble between the Logos and the Revenus

OP : “Noble Roar” by Yousei Teikoku
E D : “Brand New Reason” by FLEET

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Some terrorists called “Resistance” takes over a power plant and plants a bomb in it. They’re treathening they’ll detonate the bomb if they don’t release their comrades. Renee,the vice-president of Phantom flies over to handle the job. She’ll be in charge for negotiations…
She tells the leader of the Resistance that they’ll follow their demands but she’ll need more time to arrange all the stuff…All this to get some more time. She orders Phantom to break in and kill the terrorists. Phantom breaks in,kills everybody including the leader of the terrorists…Gotta admit : the guy with the Death card is amazingly cool ^-^…

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Meanwhile, Jin,Jo,Sana and Gora are heading for an abandoned supermarket to get some supplies. Gora knows the way and tells them where to go. They get there and Gora and Jin are going inside to check things out. Sana desperatly tries to get a talk with Jo,but he’s always been quiet and Sana thinks it’s a bit scary. A police car stops and they want to check what’s inside the truck but Jo things different about it. Jo pulls out some Bruce Lee-moves whime Gora and Jin are in the supermarket. Gora is excited like hell when he finds a can of corned beef,it’s expiry date is only 2 years old…They heaad back to the truck and find Jo with 2 dead police men. Jo tells them they’ll have to head further,it won’t take long before the police find them…

At sea a ship finds another ship that’s burning out. They find survivors of the borning ship. The captain of the ship knows pirates are the one that burned the ship…
WTF Pirates !!! Sounds MUCH like Black Lagoon

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While eating the food they brought frome the supermarket , Gora asks Sana who Jin and Jo actually are. She doesn’t know either,Jin just took from some some place that looks like a lab and she knew for certain that she would be safe with them.

Jo,Jin and the gang drives closely to the sea and Sana is very excited because she has never seen tthe sea before. Gora doesn’t get it why she’s so excited but then he get’s all excited about some tunnel…Then a ship arrives and Gora tells them that his buddies are on that ship and that they’ll have to hand over the armor. Gora tries to get the attention from the shi^by yelling. The ship aims to the road in front of the truck. They shoot and some rocks fall on the road in front of them : the road’s blocked and they have no way to go. The pirates on the ship  goes outside to watch the truck OMFG OPPAI-PIRATE ^-^ . Jin point out to Jin that there are helicopters getting near. The helicopters stops and let their soldiers go down…The aptain of the pirate ship thinks the situation is getting interesting. Gora,who’s outside the truck beggs them to let them in the truck. Suddenly the truck opens and Jo’s mecha armor’s eyes get’s all red.

Comment :
Episode 2 was nice but could’ve been better. The story didn’t go any further and there are only 12 episodes planned. I think thet’ll have to spice up the speed of the story if they want to putt down a good story. Everything good so ofar but I really hope they leave Gora behind or just kill him because that guy annoys me like hell…
And as I alredy told before : SANA = KAWAII ^-^


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