First Impression – Innocent Venus

Episode 01 : Hell

“You can’t tell who the real scary people are just by looking at them ” ~ Jin

Innocent Venus is one of the series that I really looked forward to. But I was afraid that the mecha-part would be a turn-off. Innocent Venus is takes place at a post-apocalyptic Japan.

What else do you need to know ? Post-apocalyptic things are a garantee for action,blood,drama,blood and action ^-^. And that’s exactly what you get in Innocent Venus.

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We see how a man and a girl run away from a fire trough the reflection of a bullet. Then we see that the fire is from a house that’s burned out. And people are on the floor with their hands on their back. Some Sci-Fi Soldiers are there to keep everything under controle. It’s most certain that they’re the one that burned the houses. I think the people on the floor are rebels or some kind. Anyway,there are airships in space that saw how the mand and girl ran away. They order a group of soldiers to go after them.

The guy and girl hide behind some sort of heat sink that’s probably out of use. The group of soldiers just run past it except for one. He uses his Heat Reaction Camera to see if someone/something is there. He notices a small ‘Heat Reaction’ but it’s from a cat. He catchs up with the rest of the group. We see that the guy used some sort of blanket over him and the girl. Thanks to the blanket,the soldier couldn’t see them.

They walk to the roof and there they see how the soldiers found 2 other people. They already shot a man and the women is crying. She’s holding the body closely but lets it go.
Then she looks at one of the soldiers,while she’s still crying. We hear a gunshot. The little girl has tears in her eyes because she saw how the soldier killed that women and calls ‘Jin’ because she’s kinda afraid. Jin looks at her and says ‘Sana’ in a protective,calm way.

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We are in an abandoned subway where Jin and Sana are running from the soldiers. Sana is tired and can’t go on. Jin tells her that it’s just a little further but then the Soldiers find them and they start shooting at them. They can take cover from some rocks. Jin start shooting,he’s an excellent gunman. He’s able to hit the gas tank and the soldiers get blown away. But there are other soldiers at the other side,aiming at Sana’s head. They say to putt the gun down where they can see them. Jin does so. Suddenly out of nowhere some kind of martial arts-dude in a mecha-suit comes in killing all the soldiers and the walking tank. He approaches Jin and Sana. Sana’s scared but Jin knows the guy in the suit : Jo.

Now we get to know what happened that made the world so apocalyptic. In 2010 Hyper Hurricanes simultaneously went acroos the globe,causing severe damage to many countries. The world population reduced from 8 billion to 3 billion. The economic/military balance was disrupted. North America,Russia and North Europe froze over and the world map changed dramatically when mankind entered a chaotic era. Yet the Japanese goverment found a way to get a self supporting economic state and achieved getting some recovery from the disaster. People got sepparated in 2 groups : The “Logo’s” are the rulling class. The “Revenus” are the poor people who are banisched out of the district walls…

Asia started,borrowed from the EU,the AU ( Asia Union ). The AU landed in Japan but got their ass kicked. Yet Japan signed a mutual non agression pact with AU. So the military force were used for problems within Japan.

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Ok,so we already know what happened. We see how a boy plays a trick with soldier,causing some dude to get punched in the face. He runs away to some abandoned colloseum-ish thing. There we find Jo,Jin and Sana. Jin is taking care of Sana’s wound with a heal spray. That boy we saw earlier runs toward Sana,calling her Princess. She hates it when he calls her that. He thinks that Jin have to sell the medicine. Jin closes the medicine box and says that he doesn’t want him to scavenge things from him. He calls the boy ‘Gora’. Gora had been going to look at ‘Resistance Hideout’ because Jin asked him to. He says that everything is burned and destroyed. Jin’s sorry for asking Gora to go there,he almost got him involved. Sana tells him that’s not true,she wanted to be there. She just didn’t want to be left behind. Gora teases her by repeating her in an annoying way. “You’re so easy to read,Princess” he says. Sana is loosing her temper because she hate being called ‘Princess’. So she chases Gora but Gora doesn’t watch in front of him and walk against a wall. Sana thinks Gora’s scary. Jin replies that you can’t tell who are the scary people just by looking at them…

Next scene : We see some guy giving a speech about “Human rights for Revenus” to Logos in some luxury room. He think it’s foolish to think such things. His speech gets interupted by a criminal group with guns. The bodyguard try to stop them but get killed in cold blood.
Some guys from the audience take their guns bt they get shot in the head. One guy tells them to lower their guns,he has the speecher in front of him,he tells him if they don’t,he’ll kill the guy. Slowly they lower their guns but one guy from the group throws a knife to him. The guy’s killed and the group has everything under controle. One dude of the group smells the smell of gunsmoke and finds the guy who shot,the guy gets one nice headshot.
Later on we learn this action was all to protect the speecher.

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We see how Sana pushes down one key from the piano. Jo watch her,Sana didn’t noticed it untill Jin also comes to watch what the sound was. Sana tells quickly that she didn’t play the piano. Jin apoligise because she’s not allowed to play the piano. The sound would echo and that would increase their chance of being found. Sana asks Jin if she can go outside,she has the feeling she’ll choke of she’ll stay here longer. Jin agrees if shedoesn’t go far from here. When she’s outside she finds a frog that is all tangled up. She releases the frog from its trouble. The frog happily jumps away. Gora finds the frog and wants to eat it but Sana disagrees.
We’re back inside where Jo and Jin are discussing. Jin thinks that it won’t take long before they search there too. They’ll need a vehicle. The talk between Jo and Jin get interupted by Gora who walks in with the frog in it’s hand. We hear how Sana is shoutinghis name,hoping that he would stop. Jin tells them to be quiet. Sana tells him to make Gora stop. Gora says he hasn’t done anything wrong. He just found some found for everybody. Jin tells Gora to stop it.

We see how Gora and Jo are going to the old city. While searching for a vehicle Gora get caught by a homeless guy who’s begging hem for some food. Gora get’s away from his grip and asks Jo why they take care of Sana,there must be some benefit in it,he thinks.
They found a car and Jo tries to get it working. Gora’s being his annoying self and asks if they can’t find anything cooler. Suddenly a patrol flies over and notices Jo and Gora. Jo shoots the patrol down.

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Now here’s where the action starts. The Logos have found our hideout and Jin tells Sana to go underground and lay down. Gora is hiding outside and see haw many tanks are coming and how many soldiers have come. He’s wondering why they came at such scale ? The soldiers throws some grenades into the building. Then they are standing in front of the door,ready to bust in. Sudenly the front doors blow away and a black mecha comes out killing every soldier. With a lot of spectacular moves he destroys all the tanks. Very spectacular to see. And at the end they are going away in their vehicle…

Comment :
This first episode blew me away,I really didn’t expect it to be this good. The blood scenes and the action scenes were just amazing and the story looks good so far. Just wondering what kind of relation Jin and Sana have : are they brother/sister ? is Jin Sana’s uncle ?
Why did one of soldiers mentioned Sana as ‘Venus’ ? Probably my first mecha serie I actually liked ^_^…

The ED is from FLEET called “Brand New Reason” ( Thanks to BasuGasuBakuHatsu for the link )

Note to self : I really need to reduce the details I put into my summary -_-


5 Responses to First Impression – Innocent Venus

  1. Mephisto says:

    Another sci fi action anime. Somehow i dont really like it. Something is missing. the special something that it makes worth watching. I dont know..

  2. Re-Snake says:

    I think you should still watch this,maybe you’ll like it more after you’ve seen more of it ^-^

  3. Akira says:

    Watch the next few episodes. It’ll be better

  4. Kuu says:

    … i think Sana mean’t that guy who saved them whose lying infront of the staue was scary, since he sort glared at her… >o

  5. byter says:

    wow, this reviews are awesome, it makes me want to see the anime, and i will, thanks for your work ^^

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