Coyote Ragtime show – 03

Coyote Ragtime show – 03 : The Man He Called His Right Arm

The first 2 episode were really good so I was excited to see that the 3th episode got subbed so soon ( thx Lunar ^_^ ). As usual I got myself a bag of potato chips and a cold glass of beer and sat down to watch this episode.

At the end of episode 2,we saw how Mister and his gang escaped from the 12 Sisters. Now we see how the 12 Sisters are chasing Mister down. For some reason Katana didn’t actually expect that they would follow them. He didn’t even have a back-up plan for when they would be chased by the 12 Sisters. May seems to be missing,nobody knows where she is and our Sisters are getting worried. Mister gets in the gunner’s seat and takes down some of the helicopters. Katana does some incredible flying while Mister is attempting to get the 12 sisters of his tail. Mister asks Franca if she has heared something from Swamp, Bruce’s ( Franca’s father ) ‘right-hand’ man. We heer Bishop had some kind of bet with Swamp and lost,but he denies. Franca says Swamp came every now and then to the bar to see if everything’s allright. Katana goes underwater to get off Sister’s radar.

Mister tells a little story about an imaginairy virus but nobody seems to get the point. The point is that Mister and Swamp have a common enemy : Marciano. Franca suddenly remembers that horrible day. When her dad was killed in cold-blood by Marciano. She saw with her own eyes what happened…
Katana jumps out of the water with the air-craft/submarine and so the battle continues.
Suddenly the scene changes to some kind of church where they are singing toward God. It’s all gospel like and we see some funky black dude in monk clothes singing about Happy things.

It turns out that the funky monk priest is actually Swamp who’s living a good life now. We get to know that he doesn’t like Mister that much,he’s still wondering why Bruce picked him to take care of Franca instead of him. Mister’s ship pops up on Swamp’s radar and Swamp orders not to hit the ship ( just because the change that Franca is on the ship is huge ). The helicopter’s of the 12 sisters also gets on the radar and Swamp orders his men to take them down. We see how some dudes hit the helicopters with RPG’s.

Where the hell is Angelica and Chelsea ‘Big boobs’ ? They are on the ship,heading for Ku-Ron. Jessica can’t wait untill they get there so she goes to the cockpit and asks if she can go any faster. Then she goes back to the room and opens the locker room. She starts asking questions : ‘What’s going on? Why were Marciano’s 12 sisters on both Ku-rong and Sandvile? Why are they after Mister? ‘. Then we see what’s in the lockerroom : May’s head … in a birdcage.

Mister and his gang meet’s up with Swamp. Swamp brings up the fact that Bishop lost from him in a bet. Mister suggests to drink some tea because it’s been a while since they’ve met. Swamp teases, saying he should ask what the secret of the treasure Bruce left behind is.. but Mister already knows what the pendant holds — exactly what Bruce saw. But why did Mister went to see Swamp when he has the pendant and therefore the key of the treasure. Mister asks Swamp for his assistance to search for the treasure. Even if he knew where the treasure is,it wouldn’t mean he’d be able to open it or get it. He needs Bruce ‘right-arm’ man.

Suddenly some old women come in,to give Swamp some vegetable and cookies. The villagers were really happy with Swamp and what he does for the village. After the women left Franca starts to make breakfast and almost everybody helps. Bishop asks Swamp why he became a priest. Swamp asks Bishop if ,when he was little,he never wrote down what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Swamp confronts Mister in the church. He still cant’ believe Bruce picked him instead if Swamp and he want’s to know what Mister’s intensions are. He wants that Franca finds the treasure but he doesn’t want Mister to do it.So he want to test if he’s really worthy of taking care of Franca and the pendant. Mister and Swamp are standing in front of eachother with each a gun in his hand pointing to eachother. And then … they shoot 2 soldiers of Sister’s army down. At the end they both get out of the church alive ( while shooting and killing ) and kit aboard of the ship. It’amazing that none of the soldiers hit them. I’m kinda starting to think they’re Storm Troopers. So Swamp has joined the team of Mister. Yet the battle hasn’t ended yet. There’s still some helicopters chasing Mister. Mister loads the weapons and destroys all the helicopters. Unfortunatly 1 Sister didn’t survive it : Sep was inside one of those helicopters. So,Mister’s gang + Mister himself + Swamp go into space,to search for Bruce’s treasure…

Comment :
At first I was kinda dissapointed,I thought Coyote Ragtime Show was going to be more mature. Yet it’s still a good serie. Maybe not such a good episode but I’m still excited about what’s about to come. And what about that Gospel Black Priest ???? We’re 2006 for crying out loud,black priests don’t have to be so stereotypical anymore. And why can’t we see more scenes with Jessica and Chelsea ? Maybe we’ll see more of this later on but I hope the 4th episode will feature more Jessica+Chelsea-scenes and maybe some cool,macho guy/chick that joins the team…





10 Responses to Coyote Ragtime show – 03

  1. Mephisto says:

    Well, there arnt that much really good series this season anyway. Honey and clover and zero no tsukaima are the onl ones that stand out so far. Anyway, thx for the review.

  2. Re-Snake says:

    No Problem and you’re right there aren’t that good series this season BUT there are still some series that we haven’t seen yet. There’s a possibility that Innocent Venus and Night Head Genesis will be really good…

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