NHK ni Youkoso!: Episode 2

We are back in the park where we ended last epsiode, Misaki gives Satou this guy needs to get layed his contract for helping him escape his Hikikomori-ways but he quickly denies that he is a Hikikomori and starts walking away.This guy is really a bad liar, you know. She tells him this might be his last chance and asks him to come back to the park tomorrow at the same time with the contract.

The next day he spends sitting around in his appartement, the appointment time comes but he decides to stay at home but that’s until he starts thinking about Misaki getting sexually harassed by a pervert and her making a statement to the press that she was waiting for a friend. The press starts banging on his door disturbing his Hikikomori-ways. This thought scares him so much that quickly runs to the park, falling a few times in the process haha, he’s out of shape and in the park he finds Misaki sitting on a bench.

He once again denies he’s not a Hikikomori and that he’s got a job at home but she isn’t falling for that. She keeps going after this subject and he says’s he’s a creator working on computersoftware. She doesn’t believe him and tells him to bring the contract tomorrow and she runs off. Ow, how I love to see her running … ^^ Back at home Satou starts drinking and he gets so pissed off with the anime music next door that he goes next door and starts banging on the door. The door seems to be open so he opens it and screams for it to be quiet, but in the appartement there seems to be a familiar face …

Yamazaki Kaoru, the guy he tried to save from being beaten by bullies but Satou got beaten up himself and like last episode I repeat: pwn3d, the guy seems to have been crying haha, what a wuss and his appartement is filled from top to bottom with ero anime posters, figurines and more. Euhm, and I thought Satou had no life … Yamazaki thinks Satou is still in college and tells that he is going to a speciality school. The two start drinking and chatting together which results in them doing homosexual activities and Satou suddenly notices a particular text book. He explains that he’s going to a designer school to be a game creator, this reminds Satou on how he told Misaki he was a creator.

Satou of course borrows the text book and shows it to Misaki but she still doesn’t believe him and to believe him she asks for him to bring one of the games he created. He says that what he’s working on is still incomplete and promises to show her the game but he needs one more month the time to finish it. She accepts this and she runs off again. I love this girl when she runs !! Suddenly someone calls Satou’s name, it’s Yamazaki and he has been eavesdropping and now the truth about Satou has come out. Yamazaki can’t lend Satou anything but he asks Satou if he wants to make a game. Satou wants to do it but he lacks any skill or motivation and I thought that I was a lazy bum… Yamazaki gets pissed off and Satou agrees to do the scenario. He makes Satou swear that he won’t quit midway and when informing which game they are going to make, they are going to make an erogame.

Good episode, I suspect Satou will come up with some weird scenario which should promise lots of fun next episodes.
Next week should be entertaining, mwuhaha.



4 Responses to NHK ni Youkoso!: Episode 2

  1. Re-Snake says:

    wow…NHK does look really good,might check it out 2 ^_^

  2. iscariah says:

    yeah, you and Satou have a lot in common … 😛

  3. Re-Snake says:

    thanks for the compliment -_-

  4. paul says:

    I’m sexey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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