Anime – Powerpuff Girls Z Transformation

“Yes, hell exists. It is not a fairy tale. One indeed burns there. This hell is not at the end of life. It is here.” ~ Some dude called Leboyer

I was searching around on YouTube when I found this. I must warn you : DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU’RE SENSITIVE !!!

This video shows the transformation of the Powerpuff Girls in their new anime serie : Powerpuff Girls Z. All you I can say is : they’re cute but extremely annoying. It’s so annoying that since I’ve watched it,I’ve had numerous nightmares where I’m being attack by little girls.
If you want to see the transformation,read the rest of the entry…

The video :


2 Responses to Anime – Powerpuff Girls Z Transformation

  1. iscariah says:

    what the hell, can’t believe you watched this … 😛

  2. Rukida says:

    Haha, I loved the transformation XD. But then, I think I’ve liked every transformation I’ve seen…..;;;;;

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