Inukami!: Episode 6

Tomohane’s OMG she’s so cute 😀 revenge, mwuhaha! After being defetead, + humiliated way to go Youko, Tomohane is planning revenge. This revenge involves a chocolate cake yummie and we see Tomohane dripping something on the cake while the rest of the Inukami talk about why she isn’t coming downstairs. Tomohane brings the cake to Keita’s home but is surprised that Youko isn’t there …

Youko’s gone because she and Nadeshiko, who had a very very very interesting conversation so it seems, are gone to a clinic to undergo a medical checkup and vaccinations. Seeing that those two won’t be back until tommorow Tomohane decides that she will come back tommorow but when she looks after the cake it’s gone! Keita has eaten it, with one bite RESPECT for this man, Suddenly Karina, the special investigator, with a shoe on his head seems this guy has some kind of weird fetish …? comes running in chasing Mujina, some kind of badger. Anyway, this badger has the ability to attach things to each other when it flashes its eyes.

That why Karina has a shoe on his head, thank god, and he becomes attached, litteraly, to Keita’s bed after he tries to catch Mujina. Keita and Tomohane try to catch but they don’t succeed and then Keita pretends that Mujina is Nadeshiko and he quickly catches it. yeah, I also would catch it quick if I thought it was Nadeshiko.

But Keita’s stomach suddenly begins to rumble, it seems that inside the cake of Tomohane there was a strong laxative, meant for Youko, and when he let’s go of Mujina he and Tomohane get attached. Mujina quickly escapes and Keita has to go to the toilet, and Tomohane gets dragged with him because they’re stuck to each other. Dude, this scene had me laughing like crazy, and Tomohane was so cute when she tried to stop Keita from going …

Keita and Tomohane thank god, she survived are running down the street and thanks to Tomohane’s tracking abillities they, and Karina, track Mujina down to a supermarket. They try to catch Mujina who is resting on a towerof cans but Tayune, who is shopping together with Sendan and Furano, calls for Tomohane, Mujina quickly runs away and the tower of cans.

The cans almost fell on Tomohane but Keita quickly saved her by protecting her with his own body good job Keita, proud of ya. All six of them surround Mujina but Mujina uses his power and attaches them all together, Karina being very lucky with the exception of Tomohane.

Tomohane chases Mujina by herself but meanwhile in the supermarket Keita stomach begins to rumble again, Karina suddenly realizes that his ass and that of Keita are attached. Keita drags Karina and the three others, who are screaming for help, inside the toilet. Oh, this scene was hilarious, bloody brilliant. Tomohane comes close to catching it a few times but it’s already dark when she followes Mujina over an overhead beam above some train tracks.

She becomes afraid of falling down and starts to cry. Suddenly she sees how Mujina slips and falls between the two trains that are passing from opposite directions. Tomohane jumps after Mujina and catches him and she flies away together with him. They both land safely and Mujina losses consciousness and Tomohande is drained of her powers and tumbles towards the rives below.

Because Mujina lost its consiousness Keita and the others aren’t attached anymore and Keita tries to grab Tomohane before she falls down but he misses her. He jumps after her and catches her mid-air and protects her from the impact of the water. On the riverside bank Tomohane apologizes to Keita, who is using a portable restroom, and he says that she should apologize to Youko.

Karina decides to let Tomohane take care of Mujina and she decides to call it Marron. Suddenly Keita starts harrassing Tayune and Sendan under the excuse too see if the spell wore out but before Tayuna can punch him Youko hits him with a frying pan. Nadeshiko asks to Tomohane what happened and she says a lot happened and that Keita is a bit like Kaoru. Keita may be a pervert and an idiot but actually he is a very nice guy.

This episode was GREAT, I had lots of fun with this fun. I laughed like crazy, I was overwhelmed by the cuteness of Tomohane, this episode was pure win.
And we need more scenes with Tomohane and Nadeshiko together, pure cuteness for the win!


PS: Lol, really took to many screenshots for this episode.


7 Responses to Inukami!: Episode 6

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  2. mdh says:

    2 words FUCKIN’ HALAROUS!!!!!!!! THE FIRST TIME I READ THIS I WAS ADDICTED!!!!!and Tomohane is so adorable to!! i hope resnake does another soon! this is great!!…… to much punticon? fine…sigh.. -!!!!

  3. jarmry says:

    i was 2 lazv to write my one so thie will do : 2 words FUCKIN’ HALAROUS!!!!!!!! THE FIRST TIME I READ THIS I WAS ADDICTED!!!!!and Tomohane is so adorable to!! i hope resnake does another soon! this is great!!!

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  7. John says:

    You shouldnt post things like that here amateur

    BTW this episode was really cute. I like Tomohane but she’s a bit too young for me =)

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