Coyote Ragtime Show – 02

Coyote Ragtime show – 02 : The Girl Of The Pirate Hideout

The Girl Of The Pirate Hideout

“Coyote’s don’t form bonds easily. However,because of that, even in death , they won’t betray their family.” ~ Mister

The second episode of CRS got subbed pretty soon after I’ve posted the First Impression of the show. I’m a busy men so I didn’t got the time to review it so far. But now I’ve got a lot of time so I sat down and watched the 2nd episode.



We see a little red-haired girl staring outside the window,she slowly walks towards her bed and lays herself in it. She looks at a picture of her together with Mister and her dad. She’s sad and lonely and she holds her pendant in her hand. While watching the picture she lets her pendant go.



Madame Marciano is sitting with 7 other guild members at a round table. The 7 other guild members are wondering why Marciano send the 12 Sisters after 1 coyote and what she wants from him.
Meanwhile Jessica has made Chelsea her assistent. Chelsea looks at a file from Luis Gonzalez ( Mister ). He’s responsible of a 25 car pile-up,he did this while he was intoxicated just like Iscariah after 1 beer. So he was sentenced for a year of imprisonment.
At the converende Marciano has ordered the 12 Sisters to kill the other members. The last remaining guild member tells her she has forgotten something. Wether that dude is killed or not,is not shown but I think his brains are already all over the walls…



We’re in some kind of bar where all kinds of though macho guys and a F*CKING HOT bunny-waitress are listening to the radio news. They get to hear that there was a jailbreak in a prison in Sandvil. Everybody knows what that means and there drinking to it. A fight breaks out but the red-haired girl from the intro puts an end to it by hitting a guy with a frying pan. Silence follows untill someone asks her if Mister already contacted her. This makes her sad. Suddenly Mister enters the bar OMFG WHAT A TIMING and everybody’s happy to see him back. Except for Franca ( the red-haired girl ) she walks towards Mister and he tells Franca in a playfull way that he think she has grown since the last time he saw her. Franca can’t laugh with it and hits Mister in the face.



Franca is playing harmonica on the rooftop when Mister walks up,saying that she got better since the last time he heared her playing. She’s wondering why he broke out of prison,while his term would ended soon. Franca realises that it doesn’t matter because Graceland will get blown apart along with the treasure. She say that if he doesn’t ask where the treasure lays,all the years that he has taken care of her would be all for nothing. Mister tels her that when her father got killed by The Guild he left something,doesn’t she want to know what it is ? Mister tells her he would take her there.
Franca gets pissed off and start yelling at Mister,she thinks that he and the other coyotes are only after the treasure and that they won’t give a damn of what happens with her once they get the treasure. No time to argue anymore because The 12 Sisters are here and they are determend to get Mister this time.



August is wondering why her mother let Franca alone,they could’ve taken her away and then they would have the location of the treasure. The other Sisters think there’s a reason why Mister haven’t got the location of the treasure now. Mister and Franca are running down the stairs on the side of the building,he can’t get in touch with Bishop because some interference is blocking it. Suddenly the floor of the stairs breaks and Mister falls but he’s fine. Franca uses a rope to get down and tels Mister that there are guns in her room.

We’re back at the bar where they get heavy fire from 12 Sisters’ Army. Bishop and Katana find a way to escape trough a trapdoor behind the bar.
The bartender tells him they’ll have to return it with intrest. A coyote’s motto is : “Don’t return things you’ve borrowed, even if dead”. After they escaped,the old bartender and the rest of the gang get blown away.

Meanwhile at an airport Jessica and Chelsea are waiting for a flight. Angelica can’t contact the police on Ku-rong because of the interferences. Jessice thinks it has something to do with The Guild. Chelsea finally gets it. Jessica tells her not to do like that,the only thing she’s good at is good memory and big boobs ( OPPAI ^_^ ). Big boobs can come in handy,Chelsea shows Jessica her little black book with all her friends in it. At the bottom of the page we see Super Soul the ‘famous’,funky black dude that has his own show.

We’re back with Mister and Franca. Franca holds her pendant in her hands while we get a flashback of what happened with her dad. We see how Mister holding Franca’s dad while he’s bleeding to death. He asks why Misterreturned for him. Mister tells him he needed to hear his last words. A little smile get over his face and he gives the pendant to Mister. Franca’s dad lets go his last breath and Mister stands up,we see how Franca is standing behind him. Franca tells Mister to take the pendant and look for the treasure. When Mister was ready to say something,he see how some helicopter approaches. Mister and Franca manage to get on the rooftop but some tracking device got on Franca. The helicopter approaches,Franca throws a grenade,the blast from the helicopter blast them of the rooftop,but Mister manage to hold on to the building and grab Franca.



So Mister and Franca are hanging on but suddenly the communication waves get jacked by Super Soul. He tells to Chelsea that it wasn’t a big deal ( he calls her Oppai-chan ^_^ ). Meanwhile Katana and Bishop are starting the aircraft. Franca tells him to let her go and take the pendant. He refuses. France says he’s done enough taking care of her for three years…when he takes the pendant he’ll discover the location of the treasure and he won’t need to take care of her anymore. He’s been cool enough for her…But Mister ain’t doing it for the pendant. He loses his grip on the roof and takes Franca close to hi while they’re falling. Then he tells her that coyote’s don’t bond easily but when they bond,they don’t betray their family. Katana pilots the ship as good as he can while Bishop is taking Mister and Franca with a robotic arm.

When they’re saved Mister asks Franca if she want to come with him and the others to look for her father’s treasure. “Yes…”

Comment :
Great episode with a slice of drama in it. I enjoyed watching it,although I did have a crappy subbed episode >_>. The audio/subtitle somethimes didn’t match the video.
Anyhow,this was really one nice episode,Franca makes it all look nice and cute while The 12 Sisters are pure evil ( picture of who is who : thanks to whoever made this,I don’t know who,I just found it ^-^ ) We didn’t see much of Chelsea and Jessica but what we saw was good and sometimes funny. OPPAI OPPAI OPPAI !!!
I can’t wait to see the next episode…




2 Responses to Coyote Ragtime Show – 02

  1. iscariah says:

    You bastard, you stole my writingstyle… 😛

    PS: I don’t drink beer, I’m sXe…

  2. Re-Snake says:

    LOL,you should be happy,dude
    The great Re-Snake has been inspired by you ^_^

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