Ouran High School Host Club: Episode 15

I’m back, had a few problems with my computer so couldn’t update.
Will slowly yeah, I’m a lazy bum start updating …

It’s the third day of the summer vacation and we are at the home of Kaoru and Hikaru who sleep together okay … that’s quite disturbing to me … and they get a phone call from Tamaki where can I get that ringtone? 😀. It seems that Haruhi is missing and and he’s totally freaking out Can any of you guys spell “stalker”? Tamaki starts thinking that maybe she and her father, the lovely Ranka …, had to run away. But Kyoya tells him that Haruhi is staying in Karuizawa, working in a pensione. Haruhi goes meido? Me want to see, yes. Then we snap to Haruhi in Karuizawa who is hanging out the wash, no meido, just a cute apron, meh, I’m satisfied… for now. She feeling guilty about not telling the others that she’s in Karuizawa but all that changes when a helicopter flies above her, with Tamaki screaming through a microphone. Haruhi realizes that her summer vacation is going to be the worst ever but very funny for us.

The owner of the pensione is called Misuzu, it’s a man, dressed like a woman, not as sexy as Ranka though … did I just say that? ARGH one of Ranka’s old friends from work. Haruhi’s father is travelling and he didn’t want Haruhi to be alone so he left her in the care of Misuzu. The Host Club members realize that is why Haruhi declined to go on vacation with them, Tamaki gets angry because of this because he was planning something that involved everyone. It’s made even worse when he discovers that Haruhi has a cellphone, courtesy of the twins. It’s only a buddy-cellphone and since Tamaki is a senpai he can’t be on there. So Tamaki insists that he is placed under the father-buddy category but Haruhi disagrees.

Haruhi wants everyone to go home but Kyoya quotes a piece out of the school rules which says that students aren’t allowed to do part-time jobs so Haruhi has no other choice than to let them stay. Way to go Kyoya, you devilish dog. Tamaki says they will stay as VIP’s at the pensione and he fantasizes about Haruhi bringing him breakfast and him seducing her. Too bad there is only one free room in the pensione and Tamaki thinks that as president of the Host Club he should get it but the twins suggest that they play a game to decide who wins the rooms. Since the twins came up with the game, you can already guess who is going to win the game … Misuzu is the judge of the game.

Misuzu starts giving and taking away points directly and Tamaki falls behind because he quite frankly sucks at fence mending. What do you except for someone who has a hammer in his hands for the first time in his life? And the cuteness factor of Honey has no effect on Misuzu. The ones that stand out are the twins for their welcoming of guests and Mori for the fixing of a table. The only one not participating is Kyoya, he has no interest to stay at the pensione since he has a vacation home in Karuizawa. Actually, all of the Host Clubmembers have a vacation home here. In terms off who will win Kyoya thinks that the twins will win and seeing as how Mori will drop out if Honey loses the twins already think of themselve as the winners.

Haruhi tells them that it’s only a room for one person but the twins don’t minder sleeping together. Hikaru even offers Haruhi to sleep together with them Ouran High School goes XXX, finally some action but she declines, while the offer was made Kaoru looked disinterested in it. Kyoya says that the game isn’t over yet and that there are ways to make it more interesting. Kyoya advises Tamaki that he should do the only thing that he can do: play the piano. Tamaki plays the piano and attracts customers and he seems to be making a comeback prompting Kaoru to say they’ve lost. But two girls open a window and a vase almost falls on Haruhi but Kaoru saves her but he suffers a cut on the face.

Hikaru comes running to towards Kaoru and they do their “brotherly love thing” and Misuzu is so impressed by this that they win the game. Haruhi then realizes this was their plan all along. In their room in the afternoon Hikaru is still holding the hand of Kaoru and Kaoru says it’s ok. The next morning Kaoru wakes up on the floor and while walking down the stairs Hikaru apologizes but Kaoru stays a bit mad. The two try to order all kinds of high class food but Haruhi tells them they don’t have those. This prompts Tamaki to jump in and show them the Karaizuwa-breakfast which he learned from Misuzu. He even made a vacation guidebook this guy has to much time with various rules.

Hikaru suddenly notices rule number five which is to get out of bed at 6AM. Kaoru wonders how Kyoya and Honey will respond to this. This triggers some bad memories with Tamaki as he remembers when he woke Kyoya and Honey up and Tamaki starts crying and asking for his mommy. Wuss At the same time a delivery boy arrives and because Misuzu asks him about it he reveals that he is working at his families shop for the vacation. Misuzu asks Haruhi to take the groceries and the boy recognizes her. When Haruhi sees him she recognizes him as Arai. And this of course shocks the twins and Tamaki …

This was just a really fun episode I must say, Arai doesn’t seem much of a threat to me and I think his role in the future will only be in the next episode.
Looking forward to episode 16, looks like a good episode.



6 Responses to Ouran High School Host Club: Episode 15

  1. Maddie says:

    Dude! I loved the episode and i love this show! But one of the main reasons i watch is because of the twins. I love hikaru and kaoru

  2. hikaru Yami says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Hikaru & Kaoru rock, there my fav

  3. takumi says:

    This seems like a good show.But i dont quite get the plot.Could some one explain the plot of the show please.It would be appriciated very much ‘^_^Thanks

  4. kusumi says:

    i love ouran high school clan so mush…:)…u all must sapport ouran high school clan forever o..;)

    Gambatea nia~~~

  5. hikaru fan for life says:

    I am like the biggest hikaru fan on earth lol I really like Kaoru also but really nice job

  6. Elenin says:

    Nice post….

    […] Very well explained, despite this article is no necessarily brand new. We recognize and concur with the majority of your main items, only advice I would share is to see a few more related pcitures. Your post was appreciated. […]…

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