Tokko: Episode 10

Tokko 10 starts with the house of “smiling old evil dude with demonteeth” were we see that guy sitting there being very evil while he is playing with the Tarot-cards. very black metal/gothic of him Then he decides to stick a knife in one of them and do the evil smile yeah, they’re making it very clear that he is evil After this we go to Ranmaru who is standing on top of the metropolitan building when suddenly Rokujou appears and they have tender moment kiss her already you fool remembering the times when they were kids in Machida and just when they are going to go for it Kureha appears. damn her, her boobs are ugly too btw

We switch to a dream-like sequence where we see Ranmaru attack Rokujou with his blade ranmaru, you bastard! but luckily Ranmaru wakes up and this is a nightmare. By the way he’s laying there I think he’s wet the bed. He washes his face but suddenly his phantom appears before him and he hits the mirror with his fist, so thanks to this his fist is bleeding, oh, and Saya just walked in and is all concerened about him and stuff.

Two pits open and the hunters are ready to take on the Phantoms and we get to know that there is a leader spearheading a bunch of them but they’re divided in several groups. Meanwhile Ranmaru is back at Tokki and being envied he doesn’t have to pick up body part. He cuts the body parts off so that they can pick them up, Ranmaru 1 / Tokki 0 He gets a call that somebody is waiting for him so he goes downstairs and finds Yukino waiting there for him. Guess she’s still alive, or is she not? mwuhaha … Just kidding, she’s still alive. She gives hem the Alchemical Book, alongside some yummie cakes, that Ranmaru inspected a few episodes ago, she also gives him a photo with one of the pieces of the box on it, her father possessed it but it was stolen from their home.

So Ranmaru start researching the case and is surprised to find that some of the notes have been marked black. He tries to search for the case in the database but finds no results and suddenly Muramasa starts talking to him telling he is quite devoted. He is ev0l I tell you! ev0l !! ev0l !!! He tells Ranmaru to follow him and they arrive at the mansion of “old evil dude with demonteeth and the really evil smile” Who was right about Muramasa now? PS: yeah, I added a bit to the old evil dude Ranmaru of couse doesn’t realize he is in danger.

Ranmaru start interrogating “old evil dude which I give a too long name” and he quickly realizes that he is behind the Phone calls No, not those kind of phonecalls you perverts he has been receiving. That “old evil dude” starts taunting Ranmaru that the door will open soon and that Ranmaru is special yeah, we watch this anime, we already knew that a long time ago and Ranmaru tries to punch him and “old evil dude” infuses a shadow inside Ranmaru’s mind.

Ranmaru is dumped outside the hunter’s appartement hideout with a message from “old evil dude with the too long name who is also wearing a talisman” and his talisman has been placed around Ranmaru’s neck. Ranmaru starts fighting the Hunters, who are no match for him and Ibuki shoots him, can’t kill him obviously and Rokujou enters Ranmaru’s psyche to help him but is also informed of what might happen.
She doesn’t care for this and enters the unconsious Ranmaru by huggin and stabbing both her and Ranmaru with her sword and then she kisses him lucky bastard.

Meanwhile inside Ranmaru is hearing voices that take the form of his parents that try to persuade him to come with them but Rokujou tries to stop him but gets attacked by the evil things in Ranmaru’s mind. Because of this Rokujou is in trouble in the outside world and is close to dying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but when Ranmaru sees her wounded body he kicks the shit outta all the evil phantoms and his copycat. After this we see both Rokujou’s and Ranmaru’s Phantoms, who seem to look alike but Rokujou’s is female.

Ranmaru’s wakes up and sees he’s holding hands with Rokujou, she’s still alive but she’s averted death. She wakes up, looks at him and the grip of both of their hands tighten.

Solid episode, great for the RokujouXRanmaru development and seeing the prevew for episode it seems like I was right when I told in coments about Tokko 9 about Hiroki waking up soon …



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