Inukami!: Episode 5

Nadeshiko Meido’s for the win!!!1!!1!!! and Keita is in tears because of this but before she leaves Nadeshiko has one question for Keita: why didn’t he help Youko last time.
He says that Youko’s note told him not to tell him and that it was a fight between girls and that he shouldn’t interfere. Meanwhile Hake is explaining to the Inukami of Kaoru why Youko chose Keita as owner…

Months ago Keita was brought in front of his grandmother so he could finally get an Inukami after failing miserably the first time. He tried to get persuade Inukami to become his Inukami in that time but not one Inukami responded to his call. Keita’s grandmother tries to explain that an Inukami is used to destroy evil but Keita doesn’t care for this because he’s to excited to have an Inukami. He is sent to an old temple on a mountain where he finds, after some looking around, his own, female for those who don’t know: poor Inukami, Keita’s a real pervert Inukami waiting for him. Keita’s asks for her name and she’s surprised that he doesn’t remember her name and the first thing they have to do is exchange vows.

Keita hands Youko a necklace with a frog attached as a sign that allows her to get past the mountain’s barrier and as proof of their contract. Oh dear boy, how mistaken can you be? Just when they are about to shake hands Youko starts torturing Keita with her magical powers. But she really wants to go outside the mountain’s barrier so she lets him be her master but Youko starts listening demands. And Keita wants to teach her some manners with his powers but his magic isn’t nearly enough powerfull to hurt her.

She blows up the temple and escapes the temple after which Hake and Keita’s grandmother find a burned Keita in the ruins of the temple. Hake thinks that Youko went outside to the city and Keita promises to find her and teach her some lessons. To help him Hake gives him a basket with Youko’s weakness inside but Keita’s grandmother also tells him that as long as he isn’t with Youko he is without power and evil spirits start forming behind Keita. If he doesn’t reunite with Youko soon the evil spirits will kill him.
Keita quickly takes off while Hake fends off the spirits.

Keita finds Youko, by following her path of destruction, and he gives her one more chance to obey him. Youko responds by dropping sewage on his head and so he is forced to use the special item that Hake gave him but before he can use it Youko steals his backpack and opens it … Inside is a dog, Keita torments her a bit until she starts crying and he quickly puts the dog away. But this doesn’t make her stop crying and he apologizes and thanks her for being his Inukami. She responds by apologizing for her own selfishness.

Suddenly the evil spirits show up and Keita tries to get Youko make the vow with him but her attitude suddenly has changed. She uses this to get revenge at him and make him vow to become her thing. He has no choice but to agree and as token of their vow he gets a dog collar around his neck. She quickly burns the evil spirits but in the process set the roof on fire. She doesn’t have enough energy to put out the flames and Keita carries her to the nearby water tower so she can use her remaining powers to use the water to exthinguish the flames.

The two start bonding and we go back to the present were Nadeshiko encounters Youko on her way home. She notices that Youko has bandages on and she tells that when she came home Keita had the first aid kit ready for her. She is happy with him but suddenly she blows up the house after finding Keita’s erodvd’s a man to my heart.

A great episode which gives us some insight in the depth of the relationship between Youko and Keita. And which makes me wonder where Youko and Keita met before.
Oh, and the part were Nadeshiko says “Jail Cell?” had me laughing like crazy, and it was cute.


PS: yeah, I was trying to get a lot of Nadeshiko screenshots in there …


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