First Impression – Coyote Ragtime Show


Coyote Ragtime Show wasn’t really on my list of promising animes. Yet I watched the first episode just out of curiosity. What I saw in the trailer was : brainless shooting,non-stop action. Does Coyote Ragtime Show match my first impression from the trailer ?

crs1.jpg crs2.JPG crs3.JPG crs4.JPG crs5.JPG

We see a women on some sci-fi airship that looks like an oridinary plane. We asks the airhostess if she can get some food and she’s eating like she haven’t ate since high school. At her destination she meets a blonde girl that guides her to a prison.
We hear that the women is actually looking for a criminal named ‘Mister’ OMFG SO ORIGINAL . She thinks ‘Mister’ is being held in the prison. She was right but she doesn’t have the chance to get him because he’s set up a jailbreak.

crs6.JPG crs7.JPG crs8.JPG crs9.JPG

But things get worse when some bad-ass,fucking awesome,dead-sexy,cold-blooded android mercanery group get’s in and kills everything that moves. Their objective : get ‘Mister’. Funny thing to know : Marciano’s 12 Sisters ( Android Mercenary Group ),their names are named after the month. Eventually neither the women that have been chasing ‘Mister’ for years nor the mercenary group gets ‘Mister’. He and his group just leaves the stage and let’s the prison get flown by enormeous insects from the planet…

Opinion :
This anime shows a lot of sweet action scenes and I just loved the fembot action. I hope to see more of this later on. De storyline so far isn’t that interesting but the action scenes makes you forget about it. Sure as hell I’m gonna follow this anime…


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