First Impression: NHK Ni Youkoso!

Satou Tatsuhiro finds himself in the middle of a huge conspiracy, he is being shot at by people who can’t aim it seems, and the bizarness begins as suddenly it seems he is running through the background of a magical girl anime. A few explosions happen and one sends him flying in a field of snow where a girl with a white umbrella looks at him. Satou then jumps from a cliff to fight some sort of shadowmonster. And then he wakes up…

He only sleeps six hours a day and he almost always hears an anime theme song playing next door which annoys him. The repetitive song combined with his own delusions makes tons of pudding, with eyes and mouth, appear in front of him. The more angry he gets the more pudding appears, he gets so mad that wants to tell the guy next door to stop playing the music but he can’t find himself to go outside. He remembers one time when he went outside and it felt like he was being laughed at by everyone. He ran back to his appartement and never left his room since then.

while lying in his appartement, and the song still playing, the word “conspiracy” starts popping in his head numerous times. He start hallucinating and he remembers his senpai from high school telling him that a conspiracy exists. He wanted to impress the same senpai as he tried to save a student from being bullied, but he got beat up himself pwn3d. The conspiracy thoughts give him delusions that his appliances have become alive and they start talking to him and convince him that NHK is responsible. In his thoughts he thinks he has figured out the conspiracy. The NHK television channel broadcasts anime which makes people in anime otaku who then turn into Hikikomori and NEET’s.

Now he is full of energy he starts thinking about karate masters and how they break things with their hands, he thinks that isolation makes people strong and since he has been 4 years in his room lol, reallllllllyyyyyyy something wrong with this dude he breaks a beer bottle with his hand. Doing so he obviously cuts his hand and starts screaming because of the pain. Suddenly the doorbell starts ringing and his thoughts go to the electric company and what would happen if the power was shut off. He quickly wraps up his hand and is surprised by seeing a teenage girl with an umbrella standing there.

After staring at each other this guy needs sex, pronto a middle-aged lady appears who starts because of the blood on his face from cutting his hand. She’s handing out information about Hikikomori and NEET’s and Satou takes it the wrong way and starts freaking out and raving about his own situation. He admits that he is a Hikikomori and he slams the door in their face telling them that they can’t understand. Satou hears the older lady call for the girl, Misaki, to go. He peeks out of the door and sees the girl staring back at him on top of the nearby stairs. She smiles at him and then leaves. After this Satou decides to go out and find a part time job.

He leaves his appartement and starts walking to the manga cafe, for his part time job, while repeating the senctence over and over again. He arrives and goes inside but is surprised when he finds Misaki sitting at the frontdesk. He doesn’t finish the sentence he has practiced so much and instead makes up a story about motorcycles and in the process makes a complete fool of himself. He leaves but accidently drops the envelope that he brough with him. At home he tries to kill himself by strangulation and doing a louzy job I must say and decides he can’t kill himself that way. He thinks Misaki is a nun and start fantasizing about her pleasuring herself I’ll repeat it again: sex, pronto.

He reaches for the box with tissues but the doorbell rings and the ringing turns into knocking. And he hears someone putting something in the box, as he looks through the peephole he sees that that person is Misaki and before he can open the door she is gone. In his box she has left the envelope he lost and she has writtin on the back that she has chosen him for her “project” and that she wants to meet him at the park at 9 O’clock.

After some more fantasies that she wants to convert him to Christianity seriously something wrong with this guy and he convices himself that he was planning to go to the park anyway. Just as he has having second thoughts about coming to the park Misaki shows up and she is going to help so that he’s not an Hikikomori anymore.

Wow, this show fills up the timespot of The Melancholy Of Haruhi and I must say, in bizarness this show is also as weird, for the rest no match.
I’ll be watching this, looks to be a very intriguing show.



One Response to First Impression: NHK Ni Youkoso!

  1. byter says:

    this show is really great, one of my favorite animes 😀

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