Nana: episode 12

Hachi, also known as Nana for you who don’t know this show, two Nana’s confusing heh?, remembers how her dreams were always since she was a child, she always wanted to be a cute bride. While calling her mother Hachi learns that the money on her bank account is supposed to be used for her marriage. Hachi’s mother came to the conclusion that Hachi had eloped when Hachi’s younger sister Nami, wtf why is she black?, told her that Hachi went to Tokyo to live with her boyfriend. Her mother tells Hachi that she can use the money any way she wants as long as she doesn’t come back home. Nice parents huh?

Meanwhile a drunken Nana is finding the conversation between Hachi and her mother very amusing. She’s so drunk that she kisses Yasu when he comes back, this of course makes Hachi’s mind go wild and lets her think YasuXnana. We know better of course. Yasu takes Nana to her bedroom, Hachi’s mind goes wild again while doing the dishes, and Yasu comes out again and helps Hachi with the dishes. From Hachi’s point of view Yasu is a good person, though he doesn’t look like it, a person who she would like to marry. After doing the dishes Yasu leaves to a hotel.In bed, listening to Trapnest, Hachi wonders if Yasu had a few girlfriends back in his hometown and that they must not have been important to him if he left them. This causes her to start thinking about her relationship with Shouji, and since Shouji is still in school that makes him unable for the wedding she wants. So she thinks that she starts saving money herself for the wedding, and her house with a garden. Would be better if it was NanaXhachi living in that house in my opinion.

So the next morning Nana wakes up with a huge hangover, wondering if she has to go to work today and calling Hachi for medicine, and she finds Hachi all dressed up and ready to go out for a job interview. Nana invites Hachi to the band’s practicing session tonight and says that with Yasu drumming it will be totally different than before.

At school Junko encounters Shouji and confronts him about his relationship with Sachiko. She says that Sachiko is more important to him than Hachi which he denies, yeah sure, liar. After Junko leaves Shouji goes in the opposite direction and when he turns around he sees Sachiko standing there. She heard most of the conversation between Junko and Shouji and tries to apologize but Shouji is so embarresed that he runs away. At Jackson’s bar, he even forgot how he got there, he thinks about the situation and is determined to stay witch Hachi.

He and Sachiko go home together, like usual, but he tells her he has something to say to her. Pondering about what to say he turns around and sees Sachiko in tears, okay, even I would fall for that, she begs to stay friends but he can’t hold himself and embraces her. All this is happening while Hachi is at the band’s practicing session and after the practice she calls him but gets no answer which prompts Nana to say that maybe he’s cheating on her, but Hachi won’t believe it.

Nana doesn’t understand why a company like that hired a girl like Hachi and Hachi tells her that once she becomes a full-time employee she gets a bonus and that’s one step away from her dream of a house with a backyard. Nana tells her she will make money from singing and build her one. But Hachi’s room is the doghouse …. Hooray! Typical NanaXHachi-moments I love. Hachi thinks that if Nana was a man this would be a romance for a lifetime long, but not all memories can be happy … and then we cut to Shouji and Sachiko doing it … Love always comes with pain according to Hachi…

Sad for Hachi but it will be interesting to see the break-up, and how Nana will respond to it.



20 Responses to Nana: episode 12

  1. enstin says:

    this is searosly fucked up!!!! if i’d known how bad this was i’d have gone and raped a tigger insted

  2. lary says:

    da fuck? how jacked can you get?lisen to enstin and go rape a thorn bush insted of reading this shit.

  3. lary2 says:

    i hate gay peaple

  4. lary2 says:

    when i say gay peaple i mean the charcters in this gay comic i mean searosly how gay can you get?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  5. takumi says:

    i love nana.its really awesome and i love to read the magna.its one of the best shojo magna i think.

  6. Okay wow, whoever wrote the review for this episode is somewhat unqualified to write this review >..XP

    But fine whatever, I just think Ai Yazawa is so cleverly cute and funny, and she’s uber talented and knows a great deal about how to write a wonderful shoujo story. Totally she is just the ultimate genius. o(^_^)o

  7. plus what is with you guys?! gay what?! nothing is freaking gay about this comic and anime and movie!!!! o(>.

  8. Alright, now pay attention.

    1- Nami-chan is not ‘black’, she’s tan. Nami falls into the Ganguro (literally “black face”) sect of Kogals. Ganguro-gals go for dark tans, bleached hair, white and pale make-up, etc. Dude, if you’re wonder why she’s tan why not google it? ~_~ ppl seriously need to stop being so dumb about things. obviously it’s a pop-culture thing that not many know. ~_~;;;

  9. And anyways to you “lary2” and you “enstin”, well aside from NANA being a totally straight shoujo manga, you seriously need to lay off your prejudices. (damn homophobes) got nothing to do with this well crafted shoujo story. go back to your shallow corners and stay there.

  10. ~**ALL GIRLS NEED NANA!**~ (Nana sold 20 million copies in Japan, that’s got to be all the japanese female population. ;D w00t w00t!) And a NANA sequel is coming out!! XD yatta, my love!

  11. takumi says:

    at least whoever wrote it tried.they attempted to explain the episode and they cant bitch about ones perfect.

    and why the hell were “enstin” and “lary” talking about homos?what the hell does that have to do with NANA?

  12. takumi says:

    and i think is is black.if it just tan than she spent to much time in the tanning bed!!just look at the picture at the top.shes blacker than some of the black kids at my school. if its suppose to be dark tan the should make it a dark tan color.she really looks like a light skined negro.

  13. maria says:

    yo them pictures is hot as fuck send me some nana. is this like a japaness tv show ? how long has this show ben going 4 it looks cool dude holla at ya girl bitch………….

  14. Sevde says:

    She IS tan…. Theres a bit sarcasm there… Its just like Momoko said…. I think it’s not all about reading Mangas… Culture is also important…
    greetz from germany

  15. takumi says:

    they just quit running nana in shojo beat. i just about cried^_^.i know real lame but i just love nana that much

  16. andry says:

    4fHkZz comment4 ,

  17. takkun-chan says:

    Omg! The episode was good. And I saw it coming… but WHY SHOUJI!!! What is wrong with you?! ; ;

  18. Angelus says:

    Shouji and Sachiko are the sweetest (but still not laughable) couple in Nana. Hachiko is only kind from the outside, but is a selfish spoiled brat in the inside, who will turn into and empty hearted slavewoman after she gets married. As if she had sold her soul for a life of comfort! Such women usually end up killing themselves when they are confronted by people with honesty and trustiness. Komtasu Nana, your a slot!

  19. animefreak says:

    Nana is my fav. anime :X I love it
    I heard that it will appear nana2 cant wait to see it too 😀

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