Ouran High School Host Club: episode 14

The newspaper club is being depressed because the sales are down, which is understandable because the only readers are the members themselves. Jealous of the Host Club succes the Newspaper club plans to use the Host Club to elevate their own succes.

At the moment that the newspaper club is plotting this the Host Club is holden a Heian Period-theme day. While everybody is busy pleasuring the girl, this sounds so wrong, Haruhi is enjoying the peacefulness, strange that not one of the girls sees that Haruhi looks really female with that long hair. A ball flies towards her head and Tamaki tackles her to get her out of the way. The twins are dissapointed that Tamaki didn’t catch the ball and to impress them he uses his “Starlight Kick”.

Tamaki’s aim is so good, haha, that the ball lands in the newspaper club. On the Chairman’s head. Tamaki’s goes to apologize but the Chairman seizes the opportunity to ask to do an article on the Host Club. Haruhi mentions that the Host Club already has their own newspaper but the twins explain that the newspaper club does a tabloid with so many lies that no one reads it anymore. Tamaki feels sorry for the newspaper club and tries to get the Host Club to help them but everybody refuses.

Back in the Third Music Room Haruhi asks why they don’t help the newspaper club, because otherwise Tamaki will start looking at them with those puppy eyes and they will give in. Of course this happens and Kyoya decides to help the newspaper club under a few conditions and the rest of the Host Club agree with this. Kyoya goes to tell the news to the newspaper club and gives a first-aid kit to the chairman. After Kyoya leaves the chairman says that Tamaki is the real enemy. In his eyes Tamaki is acting and he really is a shrewd, are we talking about the same Tamaki?, and that they will reveal the real Tamaki to the world.

Of course he doesn’t know what happens when he sees Tamaki leading the Host Club in a game of “The Daruma Doll Fell’. Tamaki explains that in order to clear away the bad image of the newspaper club that they have to introduce friendliness and that the newspaper should be filled with images of the Host Club playing a commoner’s game. After this the newspaper club questions if Tamaki is really a shrewd. The chairman tries to get filth of Tamaki out of Haruhi but Haruhi doens’t know anything about such things. The twins grab her and the next game they are going to play is “Kankeri”.

Tamaki grabs Haruhi and they run into the nearby labyrinth and they get lost, all planned by the darkside of Tamaki mwuhaha, they sit down and Tamaki reveals that he didn’t have many friends his age because his mother was sick a lot and he stayed with her playing the piano. That’s why he is so happy now.

Meanwhile, the chairman is furious and the newspaper club prepare to write a gossip article about Tamaki but they are stopped by the Host Club, except Tamaki & Haruhu, who were waiting for them to arrive. They all knew that he was plotting a plan against Tamaki and Kyoya reveals that there was a discrecorder in the first aid-box which recorded the plans of the chairman.

The Host Club members eventually find Haruhi and Tamaki in the labyrinth and Hikaru and Kaoru say that the newspaper club has so much business to do that they won’t write an article about the Host Club and that they will write honest articles from now on. While still asking herself what is behind the Suou (Tamaki’s) family she decides to ask Kyoya. He says that they own many properties which includes the school. Haruhi doesn’t realize which school and learns that it is Ouran. She is shocked by this and Tamaki’s father is the chairman of the board so she comes to this school sponsored by Tamaki’s family. Haruhi can’t believe what she just heard.

Not a lot of laughs but still a very good episode developing the bonds between Haruhi and Tamaki and learning more about Tamaki’s past.
Haruhi’s expression when she heard that Tamaki’s father is the chairman of the school was pricelees.
Next episode seems to be utterly brilliant.



2 Responses to Ouran High School Host Club: episode 14

  1. blue lagoon says:

    the next ep. will be great! 🙂

  2. koonyy says:

    mui buenas las imagenes del capitulo
    ^___^ que estes muy bien y tambien
    espero que pongas imagenes de mas capitulos 😀

    Shhaúúx.. =^w^=
    Jai jien =^o^=

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