Kamisama Kazoku: episode 6

Tenko is still freaking out because she thinks that she and Samatarou are going to get a baby. Meanwhile Samatarou goes to her room and looks at the “Do No Disturb” and decides to knock anyway. Bad move boy, bad move. The door opens and the hand of doom Tenko drags him in. She informs Samatarou that he is the father and he is having a little freak-out.

Meme has heard all of this and quickly runs to her parents room and opens the door to heaven where Papa is. She thanks him for making Samatarou and Tenko get along better he says he hasn’t done a thing. It looks like he’s fishing and relaxing but actually he is fishing for people’s wishes that they wrote for Tanabata. He catches one but when Meme wants to look at it it flies away and will end up at the wrong place.

Meanwhile Tenko and Samatarou are having a fight. Tenko heard Meme ask to Papa how babies were made and he said: “when a boy and a girl kiss, Mister Stork comes”. Not the smartest angel of the flock. Samatarou thinks she has been deceived until she opens her closet, inside is a baby she found in front of the house when she was picking the newspaper up. After saying he is not the father they have an argument again and Samatarou is avoiding the question how babies are made. When they look inside the baby’s cradle they find a card saying “It’d be nice to meet again, Ai.” and a picture of a girl holding a doll. Tenko calls the baby Ai since that was written on the paper. She calls Samatarou Papa and then he agrees to let her stay. Weakling.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Shinichi is trying to seduce wheelchairgirl but she presses the call button and he runs away before the nurses catch him. At the dinnertable Samatarou and Tenko both want to leave to eat their dinner “in their room”, and they make it plain obvious something is going on. As usual Mama comes running out again to them. Naked. In an apron. Everybody is ignoring her nakedness and Misa tells her to put some clothes on. Meanwhile Ai can already eat solid food, speak good and asks for seconds. After that Tenko says it’s time for Ai to get breastfeed. OMG! LOL! ROFL! WAY TO GO KAMISAMA KAZOKU!!!!1!!1!!!1!!!! But Tenko is saying that she’s just going to give some regular milk to Ai, and Samatarou must get the milk. On his way outside he hits Misa with the door, and she saw it … she’ll be quiet about it, for now.

The baby can’t sleep with Tenko because of her bad-sleepinghabits so Ai sleeps with Samatarou. Samatarou wakes up next morning to the suprise that Ai has already grown into a pre-schooler. Jezus, what are they feeding this kid? He’s surprised to say the very least and he starts screaming which wakes up Tenko. Ai finds Papa scary because he yells and Misa can’t believe that Ai has already grown this much. + Ai has wet the bed.

While Tenko washes the sheets Meme walks in on her and Ai and Meme isn’t surprised at all, of course. Ai wants to take a bath together with Meme so that happens. While this is happening Misa tries to get an explanation out of Samatarou and Tenko and that just leads to arguing. Mama has woken up and she hears Ai calling for Mama (Tenko), to bring her some clothes. Tenko says mama is hearing things and that hearing things is bad for the skin so Mama goes to sleep again.

In the hospital Shinichi returns to wheelchairgirl and quickly grabs the call button before she can grab it. In her dreams there is a demon that tells here to “come over here” but she can’t do that because she is waiting for someone. The girls hits him with her wheelchair, grabs the call button and he has to run away before the nurses arrive.

Ai has to go to the bathroom and while she is going she tell Samatarou she can only stay for five days, someone in her dream told her to do it quick and not forget it, whatever that may be. When she comes out Mama is there and she sees Ai and realizes she’s not dreaming.
To make matters even worse, Ai is calling Mama “Gramma”…

Are Ai and Wheelchairgirl connected in any way? Does Shinichi have a chance on getting some pussssssss… luck with wheelchairgirl? How is Mama going to react to Ai?
Hell, I’m loving this show.



2 Responses to Kamisama Kazoku: episode 6

  1. takumi says:

    this show sounds hilarious!!!

  2. Luana says:

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