Tokko: Episode 9

Ah, we are being treated with a new episode of Tokko. I have been critical of Tokko but these last three episodes Tokko’s been on fire.

Tokko 9 opens with a phantom rushing to attack a couple of lovers when suddenly a sword stabs him in the back of the head. The lovers get drenched in the phantom’s blood, very romantic, and we see that the attacker of the phantom actually is Ranmaru. He’s finally getting some decent action against the phantoms. And soon with Rokujou I hope. Suddenly Ranmaru’s leg gets caught by a phantom and just when his end is near Rokujou comes to the rescue. People, I think I’m in love … After they slay the phantom with some nice double-teaming and collect a piece we get a tender moment between them both. Common, get it on you two, the suspense is killing me.

The Hunters go back to the office and Ranmaru isn’t impressed with it, me neither. Just a flat. After some “bla-bla” Ranmaru goes home and Saya prepared him dinner and they talk. Ranmaru’s tattoos suddenly increased a lot I must say. The next day he goes to Tokki, dressed as one of the hunters, and get’s scolded by the yakazuboss his boss.

He returns to the Tokko-office and has a talk with Kureha, he asks about Ryouko (Major Ibuki) and then we flash to Ryouko who has to explain to the higher-ups why they have awakened Ranmaru. After this scene we flash to Rokujou who is visiting Hiroki today. Suddenly she notices that something is wrong with Hiroki and rushes inside. She wants to end the life of Hiroki quickly but suddenly we see the teeth of a phantom and she doesn’t kill her.

We are treated with a shower-scene of Ryouko and a bit of mystery showing a guy, husband, on a picture. We see some phantoms approaching her appartment but they can’t get in, thanks to an incantation of sorts. Ryouko gets a telephonecall saying she has a bodyguard now. She looks out of the window and sees him and then she goes back. The bodyguard is standing outside and since there are phantoms around we all know what happend to that guy …

Ranmaru is going out to lunch with his friend when suddenly Saya’s friend asks if she can join them, and visit Ranmaru’s home this evening. Way to go Ranmaru. But it’s to visit Saya. Suddenly a bullet scratches Ranmaru’s cheek and a car speeds off. Saya’s friend sees it’s the same car as the one that drove against Saya. Ranmaru goes after the car on foot until Muramasa tells him to get into his car. Together they go after the villians (mwuhaha). They lose them, if you didn’t see that one coming …, and Ranmaru suddenly feels sick.

We go to Ryouko who is working, in a mansion that is, and she suddenly feels something. A phantom raises from the ground and she quickly grabs a gun. She shoots the phantom but another one shows up, she shoots the window and tries to escape via a cable that flies out of her belt. My name is Ibuki. Ryouko Ibuki. Agent 007. She looks up and sees a phantom cutting the cable, she falls down but Ranmaru comes to the rescue and catches. They go all Matrix on our ass as (confusing, I know) as Ranmaru jumps to another roof with Ryouko in his arms.

Ryouko says that there must be source nearby but they can’t know where it is, Ranmaru knows. Are we getting this now? After Ergo Proxy’s “Pino Knows” we get: Tokko “Ranmaru knows”. Anyway, Ranmaru goes superman and jumps from building to building until he and the Source meet in mid-air, battle it out in the air for a bit and then they land on a roof. Anyways, Ranmaru kills by firing a beam from his sword. Ryouku can’t believe it, Phantoms attack her and Rokujou kills them. Nice. We get some explanation and then we see all the Tokko guys watching the sunrise looking very impressive.

Good episode again, Ranmaru’s Phantom rules and Rokujou rules even more.
I can see Hiroki changing in a Phantom soon and then the show getting all emotional on us.



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