First Impression : Tsuyokiss


Some people say that you can’t judge books from it’s cover. I agree,I think you’ve got to watch the first chapter to know what you’re dealing with. Tsuyokiss sounded promising and had an interesting background ( Tsuyokiss is based on an ero game ).
So I sat down and I watched the first episode of Tsuyokiss. Did it fullfill my wishes ?

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We start off with Konoe Sunao who’s really into drama she even dreams about it. She wakes up and we get to here about how both her parents aren’t home so she and her sister has to live on their own but it seems they’re doing fine. It’s a big day today because she’s going to her new school. She’s a little nerveous when she enters the school but she’s really down when she hears that there isn’t a drama club in her new school.

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She’s thinking of making a drama club but she needs the permission of the Student Council first. So she goes to the Student Council Room and asks if she can start her own drama club. The president explains to her that if she can perform a good play,then she’ll have the permission to start her own drama club.

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She decides to play a scene from Romeo and Julliet. She performs the play very well,she takes the part of Romeo and Julliet at the same time. Everything is going well untill sh’s disturbed by seeing her childhood friend back. The set collapses and Sunao can’t start her own drama club. But Sunao is really pissed to hear that her childhood friend doesn’t recognise her. Sunao is cleaning up the mess of the set and suddenly a girl comes to the stage and tells her that she has become a big fan of her. Sunao is really glad to see that there’s someone who liked it…

Comment :
Tsuyokiss – 01 was dissapointing,I don’t get the feeling this is going somewhere. Wich is weird because there are only 13 episodes planned. I don’t think I’ll follow this serie,the only thing that may get interesting is the yuri-part between the president of the Student Council ( yes,it’s a girl ) and her ‘secretary’…


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