Ergo Proxy: Episode 14

A bit late, I though Re-Snake was going to do this one but he seems to be too busy.


“When I was small, I thought the world would dissapear if I died”
With this sentence Ergo Proxy 14 starts. A pretty confusing episode the first time you watch but is crystal-clear the second time.

Pino, Real and Vincent are on the “Rabbit” with Vincent having a blanket around, meanwhile Real is looking in her telescope.
In the next scene we see Real in a pool of water while Pino and Vincent watch.
While watching Real drown Vincent has his “Proxy-smile”.

Real has seen another dome which they enter. While Real looks around in this dome, Pino and Vincent go shopping. They get everything, not because Pino is so cute, but because the dome seems to be unhabited. We have seen this before but the strange thing here seems to be that there aren’t even any Autoraves. While Pino and Vincent are busy Real is daydreaming, daydreaming about Iggy. She seems to haven’t accepted the death of Iggy yet because her daydream seems so real she shouts out for him. While looking at the middle of the dome Real sees a forest with clear water.
Of course she has to be curious and goes down to the forest and while standing next to the water she suddenly has a strange feeling and quickly turns around ready to grab her gun.

Real comes back to the mall were Pino and Vincent have taken some canned food and prepare that for lunch. Real wants some “Ginger Ale” to drink but there doesn’t seem to be any of those anymore. While Real is arguing with Vincent when they are going to leave, Pino walks up and gives Real a cute smile. Real asks “what is the matter” and Pino sets a plate with a mix of canned foods in it. Real, wisely, gives it to Vincent and goes away.
So Vincent eats Pino’s food and ends up dying. Meanwhile Real climbes up a ladder to the top of the mall. She comes back ands eats her soup but she suddenly has changed her mind and wants to take it easy today. Vincent gives her two bottles of “Ginger Ale”. Pino passes while doing some random cuteness.

Here is where the confusion really starts.

Vincent climbes up the ladder to the top of the mall where Real is still standing, he gives her the two bottles of “Ginger Ale” and she thanks him, again. Vincent starts harrasing Real and he falls down. When she climbs down he has suddenly dissapeared. Vincent is preparing the supplies when he suddenly hears a noise. Real seems to be wandering with her gun drawn, ready to shoot Pino. Vincent quickly closes her in so she can’t harm anybody. Real says that Pino wants to kill her. Common, I know Pino’s food isn’t good but it can’t kill you either. Suddenly they see Real falling down of the mall. While taking care of Real he suddenly sees somebody on the top of the mall and quickly rushes to the top.
When he arrives at the top it seems that nobody isn’t there, but behind suddenly stands Real with her gun drawn. She asks him who he is with Vincent telling he is Vincent Law.
She runs away and locks Vincent in at the top of the building.

Vincent is carrying Real and together with Pino all three of them go down to the forest.
Vincent lays Real in the water ready to drown with Pino asking him if Real is dead.
Meanwhile Vincent is quickly running through the mall. He is searching for Real and Pino but both seem to have dissapeared together with the “Rabbit”.
Pino asks what happens to Real now and she’s gets the answer: “she isn’t no more”. And in the old fashioned “Pino Knows” way she asks: “what about the other? The other Vince”
Pino confirms there are two Vinces and two Reals. Vincent tries to choke her until he realizes that Pino is actually an Autorave. He quickly runs away.

Vincent finds Real drowning and he quickly saves her but Real drags him under water. Pino has saved Real from drowning. Vincent and Real are under water when Vincent starts transforming into Ergo Proxy. Real realizes that Vincent is a Proxy too and quickly dissapears. While looking down Ergo sees another city, the same as the dome above but this time it’s populated. He descents and people quickly run away in fear. When looking to his right he sees Vincent standing there. Vincent and Vincent are arguing and Vincent rises up from the water. Real is standing there and says she is leaving him. Vincent is seeing the populated city again but turns into the bodies of millions of people drowned in the water. While Vincent is experiencing the same scene with Real again, Real and Pino are looking to the water too both Vincents. Vincent again rises from the water and chokes Real until Pino comes and screams he must stop. Vincent looks at a terrified Pino and asks himself if all of this is real. Pino runs away in fear.

Luckily this isn’t reality and both Vincents are having a good old fashioned stand-off while Pino and Real are watching. They both transform in Ergo Proxy and go underwater. With a bright light shining nobody can be sure what happened. Vincent again rises from the water and he faces off with Real asking him if he is the real Vincent.
We are back on the “Rabbit” and Real is drinking some “Ginger Ale” while Pino is reading her book. The “Rabbit” had drifted off but luckily it wasn’t that far away. Vincent looks back and realizes the Ophelia Proxy is like he used to be.

I must say, since Episode 11 Ergo Proxy has been getting better and better. The story has been consistent the entire time but since 11 the animation has been very good also.
A complex episode that is about self-discovery. Certainly one of the better EP-episodes up until now. Some good references to Shakespeare too.



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