Ouran High School Host Club: episode 13

Haruhi In Wonderland

Haruhi, while she still is in middle school, and her father visit Ouran High School for the enrollement procedures. While the teacher and her father discuss Haruhi start wandering around Ouran High School.

Since it’s spring break nobody is in the school. As she walks down an certain walkway, a familiar one hehe, the clock strikes three o’clock. When she looks to her right she sees something moving. As she peeks through the door she sees a stuffed bunny eating a banana that quickly goes away through a hole in the floor. She chases the bunny but trips on a banana peel on the floor and falls down the hole. After a long fall she lands in the same room but gets stuck in a vase. In front of her is a banana tree and a paino. Out of that suddenly comes a mouseboy, Shirou. She crawls offer to him and asks him to help her get out of the vase but he panics and takes one of the bananas and eats it. He shrinks and runs into a small door. The room has no other exit so Haruhi must eat one of the bananas to get out.

As she walks through the door she comes into a hallway of lightbulbs. The walls first write “Women” and then show a countdown to a banana. Haruhi realizes too late that this means there is a banana peel on the floor and slips on it. Again she falls in a hole in the floor, but instead of entering a new room she falls into the water. When she start coming out of the pool a large Caterpillar, Kyoya, tells her that all the water in the pool is made up from her heart’s tears. Haruhi gets out of the pool before the large crocodiles, piloted by the Zuka Club, can get her. A boy and a young girl, Nekozawa and his little sister, ask Kyoya if it’s ok to get some mushrooms. He agrees and tells them to pay at the end of the month. Haruhi notices that he is writing and she asks him why he is always writing those files. He doesn’t understand because he hasn’t met her before. Meanwhile Nekozawa and his little sister eat the mushrooms which resorts in Nekozawa shrinking until he is a baby again and the girl grows into a grown woman, which Kyoya likes ^^.

The baby boy starts walking off and Haruhi shows her concern by following him through the door. As she enters the room she slips on a banana peel, again, and she sees a woman, Renge, holding the baby. Renge introduces herself as the Duchess and starts talking about how it is good that a baby is with his mother. Haruhi verifies that the Duchess is the baby’s mother and after that the Duchess gives the baby to Haruhi because she has to go to court. After the Duchess is gone Haruhi looks at the baby and sees it has turned into a wooden deal. Haruhi continues to the outside and encounters the cat who appears and dissapears all around her. She asks for directions to return home but the cat tells her that nobody can leave without the Queen’s permission. When she asks about the Queen the cat doesn’t respond rightaway. Only after she starts walking again he appears again all around her say the Queen rules this world. Haruhi is annoyed by this and asks the two cats to show themselves. The cat doesn’t know what she means by two. As she walks off the two cats, Hikaru & Kaoru, appear behind her, showing that there are indeed two cats.

Haruhi then enters a room with a man with a top hat, a mouseboy and an rabbitboy inside. The Hatter (Tamaki) and the Hare (Honey), the mouseboy is sleeping, tell there are no seats free. When Haruhi starts walking away the Hare tells her it’s a joke. After she sits down the Hatter says that he likes her long hair but it’s necessary that she cuts it short. Haruhi replies by saying that he should leave her hairstyle alone. She then sees all the cakes that the Hare is eating and says he shouldn’t eat so much sweets or he’ll get cavities. The Mouseboy, Mori, wakes up and tells the Hare to brush his teeth. After this the clock strikes three o’clock and the Hare comments it’s always three o’clock here.
The hatter asks here what she would do when she comes to this school to which she replies “study”. The hatter asks her if studying is the only thing and Haruhi tells him she has a dream she wants to accomplish. The Hatter tells her that a studentlife isn’t only studying and that there is also fun things to do.

As Haruhi thinks about these words she hears a trumpet which signals the beginning of the trail against the Duchess. The Hare comments that the Duchess will be executed. Haruhi won’t allow that and runs to the courthouse. She storms in and says she is the advocate of the Duchess. The Duchess is accused of being to busy and leaving her child behind. Haruhi comments that when the parents are busy the child should understand and comments on what would happen with the child without the mother. But the King comments back and accuses Haruhi of being a criminal. The King then calls for witnesses and the Hatter appears commenting on how Haruhi only studies and doesn’t have fun. Haruhi says Tamaki-senpai has too much fun, after that the lights turn on which reveal the room full of giggling girls. Tamaki asks Haruhi why she knows his name and the girls echo the question. After this the rest of the Host Clubmembers appear and start to comment: the cats ask how she knew they were with two, the Caterpillar comments that Haruhi knew about his files and and the Hare says Haruhi knew about his cavity. The question everyone asks is how Haruhi knew this. Haruhi doesn’t know what to say and still doesn’t seem to understand. The King takes of his mask to reveal Ranka, Haruhi’s father. Haruhi then realizes that the Queen must be her mother. The Queen start walking towards her and apoligizes for all the hardship Haruhi must have been through. She says Haruhi seems to enjoy her dream-like Student Life while a pair of tears streak from her mask. Haruhi also start to cry and runs into the arms of her mother.

A sleeping Haruhi has tears in her eyes and says her mother’s name. Tamaki wakes her and when Haruhi looks around she sees that all of the Host Clubmembers are dressed as characters of Alice In Wonderland. Reminded of her mothers words Haruhi comments that there isn’t much difference between her real life and her dreams.

Again a great episode of Ouran, certainly one of the better shows of the years and the quality of this episode was better than ever. The story had a few good laughs, I loved how Tamaki and Honey commented on how Haruhi wasn’t so different in her dreams, and towards the end became more emotional. A lot of character development in this episode.
+ Haruhi in schoolgirl-outfit and long hair can’t go wrong, very cute. Anyone else got the feeling that Ranka looked like Haiji (Blood+) in the scenes with the teacher?

Next week seems to be the Host Club being interviewed by the school newspaper.



34 Responses to Ouran High School Host Club: episode 13

  1. Kate says:

    Mori was the Dormouse.

  2. Chiiko says:

    About Haruhi’s dad…he looked suspiciosly like Hohenheim from FMA to me…maybe it was because of all the FMA references in the show…*cough*Ep.16*cough*

  3. angelica says:

    this movie Ouran High School Host Club was the best i hope that you can make a different movie that is as cool as this one
    I hope that you do becuase alot of people will want to see it at first sight

  4. `Zeffy says:

    I loved that episode, I’m trying to download all of the episodes right now actually.

  5. takumi says:

    this episode looks kinda cute and funny

  6. Ray Minagawa says:

    Suki desuka!!! ouran desu!!

  7. regine altares says:

    it’s a beautiful anime
    i hope u watch dis anime
    because it’s the best!!!!!!

  8. pluton says:




    y no se ma jajajajajajaja

    si no se entiende ni una wea XDDDD



  9. hyuuga hinata says:

    very very very very very very very good and beautiful comic. ouran high school host club cayyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gigi says:

    There are no words that can describe my love for this anime. If only I could read the manga. I can’t find it anywhere. DX This episode was very good, the song “Dream a Dream” fits it very well. (go to Youtube) =3

  11. kaytlin says:


  12. asopusitemus says:


    anyway, i like this anime, funny…….

  13. kanoko says:

    hey does anyone know where i can watch Ouran high school host club episodes….because i stopped on ep 12………….Eng sub!! THANKS

  14. kanoko says:

    mann i cant find ep 13 eng sub and more for some reason…and i tried youtube, Veoh and google videos

  15. i really like this anime. but i just can’t find the last episode. it has been really frustrating trying to find it . i am really about to go insane trying to find it. my life does not feel complete without that episode. oh, by the way i want it in subs. if you could find dubs then that would be really nice. this was one of the very first animes that i kinda fell in love with. i don’t know how i got involved in it but i am really glad that i got the opportunity to watch it. i know that this may sound weird but i think that i just might start crying because this show somehow changed my heart and my mind. i wish that they would make another season. but i don’t think that it will ever happen. i might just watch the whole series again because it is really addicting. and you can not tell me that i am the only person that feels this way. but i think that i am the only one to really speak my mind. everybody is just too afraid of what people will think about them but i don’t give a crap. i may have an addiction to anime but at least i am not as indenial as the rest of you.btw i am not mad i am just speaking my mind about what i think. next time i get on this computer will be for this anime called

  16. i wasn’t done yet i pressed the wrong button. but any ways my real name is Brandee Scott and i am proud to be an anime addict.

  17. brandee says:

    oh yeah before i forget the anime is called:———————————————————————SHUGO CHARA. Ouran Host Club rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kayla Mina says:

    Ourqan High School Host Club is one of the best anime EVEH!!!!! muhahahaha (as the dark magic club members would laugh…hehehe)oh yeah, and since you mention FMA, did you know Tamaki-senpai’s english actor also did the voice of Edward Elric?….weird…..GO HITACHIIN TWINS!!!! CHESHIRE CAT..S…CATS…yeah…^^

  19. Kayla Mina says:

    oh yeah….also want to comment that the twins sleeping together is not creepy….ITS SO ADORABLE!!!! its hilarious when Tamaki yells at them through the phone and they like almost fall over…i think they actually dropped the phone….don’t remember…I LOVE THE TWINS don’t knock the twins okay…..><“

  20. AnimeLove says:

    I love the ouran high school host club so fricking much <3<3<3<3

  21. loise says:

    :)) they look cute together

  22. loise says:

    hayz…crush koh c ewannnn.

    bztah cla lhat!

  23. alison byars says:

    love this episode ..do they have the 3rd season?

  24. alison byars says:

    do any of you know of any other anime that’s similar to this?

  25. nike free says:

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