Welcome to 'Snakes Anime Blog'. I'm Re-Snake,I'm from Belgium ( so forgive me if my English is horrible ) and I'll be here to talk about the latest anime series,games and just talking about what happened to me.

First of all I want you to know that I do download anime series. But the series I'm downloading aren't licensed YET which means I can download them legally. I'll always be so kind to put a torrentlink where you can download the episode in my posts.

If you didn't know : Torrents are small files that automaticly dowload the file you want. I have to tell you that he automaticly shares your files with others. So I recommend you to chance the file from destination so you won't have any trouble with your upload. If you wanna download some torrents,you need a torrent program, I use BitComet but there are more…

So that's about all,I hope you now understand what I'll be doing here. Don't hesitate to comment my posts.


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